Harry Batham at SO WAX Detailing

Who are SO WAX Detailing?

SO WAX Detailing is the result of lots of work behind the scenes from myself, Harry. I've always had a passion for cleaning cars, having started cleaning them after school for my Dad.

The passion accelerated once I passed my driving test, constantly striving for the best shine possible! Then I wanted the best wheel cleaner, interior cleaner, glass cleaner etc... 

I found that various brands offered better performing products than others, making my shelf a mismatch of different ones. That's where SO WAX Detailing really started; when I knew that I wanted a range of products that are all effective, meaning you can keep your shelves uniform!

Every product is extensively tested by myself and select local detailers, making sure that every product is as effective as possible. We offer in-house detailing packages ranging from maintenance and makeover details offering machine polishing and ceramic coatings. We use all our own products on our details, so you know you're in for the very best.

Drop us a message for more information regarding our packages.


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From myself, I really appreciate you taking time out of your day to visit my online store. It means a lot ❤️